1. What We Do?
    We are a map developer, building crowdsourced mobile friendly map databases that solve several community and industry problems.
  2. Why Do We Do It?
    Complicated problems can often be solved by data visualization, crowdsourcing, aggregating and analyzing geographic data.
  3. Analytics & Visualization
    We use geographic data and analytics tools to help visualize data. We also use Google Maps API's to perform proximity analysis and distances from points of interest.
  4. Hosted Maps
    We build and advise organizations building custom maps to solve various business and community problems. We host and manage the database for you.
  5. Map Consulting
    We help companies organize and publish map data using various Google Maps, Carto & Tableau analytics platforms.
  6. Satellite Research
    We use satellite and street view images to sources solar and energy related data. We can help identify methods of using satellite and street view images.
  7. Mobile Friendly Maps
    Building a community of mobile map users to crowdsource data is not easy and takes time effort and careful thought and persistence. Maps are advertising supported
  8. Map Data Curation
    Maintaining quality map data is the most important element to the success of a mapping business. We can help you identify the proper tools and filter to keep map data fresh.
  9. Crowdsourced Maps
    Getting users to contribute data is not easy and takes time effort and careful thought and persistence. We can help you identify the key elements to success.