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    Do We Offer Data Subscription Updates?
    Each database subscription is different and we are happy to provide you the details for each after you purchase the initial data set. Update frequencies vary depending on the volume of data. We also update data with feedback from our customers & users.
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    Do You Offer Bulk or Smaller Data Purchases?
    Yes! If you purchase multiple data sets we will certainly consider discounting your purchase. If have smaller budget and are only interested in regional data we can provide you a custom quote for the data. Base pricing for each data set starts at $1.30 per POI.
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    Can We Resell The Data?
    Yes but there must be a specific agreement in place with Syndicated Maps. Please read the the terms and conditions of the database purchase license. Contact us for wholesale / reseller pricing discounts.
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    How Often Is The Data Updated?
    Databases are updated daily with inputs contributed by users. Data is frequently removed from the map databases as well which is why we recommend an annual subscription to each. Updates are typically sent on a quarterly basis depending on data volume.
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    How Do You Source The Data?
    Data is crowdsourced from user inputs, aggregated from 3rd parties, media sources, social media and our own manual inputs using satellite images or street view images.
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    Who Are Your Customers?
    We have very large mapping customers and small developers. We have happy customers in the telecom. automotive, insurance, energy, mapping and mobile application industries. Reference customers are available upon request.
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    Do You License Data On A Per User Basis?
    Yes, we do license data on a per user basis for companies that are using the map data on navigation systems with 1M+ users.
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    How Reliable & Accurate Is The Data?
    No data set is perfect or complete. Not even Google with the best engineers on the planet can guarantee completeness or accuracy. We do our best to update the data as quickly as possible from multiple sources and users. We take lots of feedback from our customers and users.