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Syndicated Maps is a smart cities map developer, building crowdsourced map databases that solve several community and industry problems. 6,000,000+ people per year visit and contribute data to 25 public safety maps from around the World. Each map serves as a community platform to share and crowdsource local geospatial issues. The business is supported by advertising sponsorships and database licensing.
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Syndicated Maps Data Marketplace
  1. Red Light Cameras
    Worldwide database of photo enforcement locations of red light, speed, school zone, safety, toll road. 25,000+ locations.
  2. Dead Cell Zones
    Mobile phone coverage problems. for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, TracFone. Database contains 70,000+ locations crowdsourced by users.
  3. Intersection Cameras
    National database of license plate / traffic camera reader cameras on traffic poles. Drivers often confuse red light cameras with traffic cameras. 3,000+ locations.
  4. Drilling Maps
    Worldwide map of oil & natural gas drilling / fracking health & safety issues. Water, air quality, oil spills, gas leaks, fracking problems, property rights issues.
  5. Oil Refinery Maps
    Worldwide map of oil & gas refinery locations, health & safety issues. Search database of health, safety issues or illnesses reported near refineries.
  6. Dangerous Intersections
    National database dangerous intersections. 11,000+ locations of frequent vehicle, pedestrian, bike, train accidents.
  7. Power Plant Maps
    Worldwide database of coal, nuclear, gas power plants. Coal ash ponds, contaminated water.
  8. Sick Buildings
    Map of hotels and hospitals with reported air quality & bacteria issues. Flaws in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems & mold.
  9. Hockey Map
    Map hockey teams & arenas: NHL, AHL, ECHL, EHL, NAPHL, NAHL, WHL, CJHL, OHL, WSHL, USPHL, AJHL, ACHA, USHL, SPHL, WSHL, D1, D2 colleges
  10. Dangerous Schools
    Map of schools near dangerous intersections and with reported violence issues.
  11. Theater Maps
    Map of theaters, amphitheaters, live events and sports sports venues.
  12. Solar Energy Maps
    Database of solar parking lots, solar roof tops & solar farms . Locations sourced using satellite images.
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